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Ottawa Valley Personal Injury has extensive legal experience in those areas.

Our personal injury claim process:

Ottawa Valley Injury Lawyer is always focused on the client, taking a personalized approach for every case. We provide expert legal advice and support to our clients and ensure they get the deserved settlement. By handling the legal issues, clients can focus on making a full recovery. 
We have vast experience in the following areas: 

Car Accidents

Our experienced personal injury lawyers provide legal advice for clients injured in accidents involving a car, motorcycle, truck, bus, ATV, or boat. 

Accidents, Slips & Falls

Unsafe conditions in different properties mainly cause slips and falls. They constitute a large proportion of personal injury cases, and our team of lawyers is ready to help. 

Long Term Disability

We have experienced personal injury lawyers to help if you cannot return to work due to an injury or have been wrongfully denied your long-term disability benefits. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice and negligence can cause long-term health consequences. Our skilled lawyers will help you tackle these claims. 

Birth Injury

Nothing can be devastating as losing a newborn due to severe birth trauma or injury due to the medical professionals’ negligence. You and your family are entitled to compensation, and our lawyers can help.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are associated with prolonged recovery times and are eligible for compensation. We help clients pursue compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and any other damages. 

Product Liability Injuries

Manufacturers are held responsible for defective and unsafe products that cause injuries or loss of life. We help clients get rightful compensation according to Ontario product liability law.

Sexual Abuse

Ottawa Valley Injury Lawyer has helped sexual assault and abuse victims by providing a safe and compassionate environment for case review and determination of available legal options. 

Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims are usually complex. We have a team of experienced lawyers that can handle these claims. 

Motorcycle Accidents

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident, we can help handle all legal issues that may arise with the claim. 

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one can be devastating, especially when the actions of another party cause it. We help the grieving family throughout the claim process. 

Senior Abuse

We have lawyers that are well-versed in matters concerning the neglect and abuse of seniors. 

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